IV Styria represents the interests of the domestic industry

As a non-party organization we follow an anticipatory approach and develop future scenarios to further develop Styria as a competitive and sustainable industrial area. By investing in innovation we invest in the future.

Therefore, we stand for a free and open society, in which achievement and the right to ownership are inalienable core values. Membership in the IV is voluntary, so each member is of particular importance to us. Our independence as a voluntary organization allows us to act collaboratively towards a common cause.

Today over 80% of Styrian industrial employees are already working in one of our member companies. Our goal is to raise this number even higher, so we take an even stronger role in shaping the future.

We are a stakeholder and a professional advocacy group for industrial affairs. It is a think tank and creator of the future, a partner in political and economic strategies and decisions as well as a network for top executives within the Styrian industry.

Our Vision
We aim to

  • continuously improve the international competitiveness of industrial enterprises in Styria
  • improve the image of the industrial sector within the Austrian society
  • take a lead in industrial policy discussions on a national and  - if necessary - international level to safeguard the interests of Styrian enterprises.

Our Mission
We work towards

  • proactively communicating the interests and concerns of our members
  • further developing Styria's competiveness as an industrial location
  • providing the necessary services to industrial enterprises in Styria


Our main fields of activity are …

  • Labour, Social and Health Affairs
  • Education and Society
  • European Politics
  • International Relations
  • Financial Policy
  • Economic Policy
  • Infrastructure, Transport, Resources and Energy
  • Research, Technology and Innovation


Platforms “Industrieforen”

Three industrial panels, called “Industrieforen” were established to facilitate an open exchange of experiences, knowledge and current developments in the fields of Human Resources (chair: Alexandra Leopold, Rosendahl), Environment and Energy (chair: Markus Ritter, Marienhütte) and Research and Development (chair: Stefan Rohringer, Infineon). They work in close cooperation with relevant authorities, experts and regional decision-makers. Their main purpose is the elaboration of policy positions, exchange of experience and network opportunity.


Das Magazin der Industrie.
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Das Magazin der Industrie.
Hier lesen Sie die aktuelle Ausgabe.

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